Shari Busa Ortiz


The Forever 39ers

Book Cover
(The Forever 39ers Book Cover)

It’s been eleven years since Jill Castillo and her three best friends made a pact to remain thirty-nine forever. Unfortunately, Jill’s fiftieth birthday brings with it the onset of menopause and a midlife crisis, making it increasingly difficult to adhere to their agreement.


Thankfully, Jill is able to rely on the always-present love, support, and humor of her lifelong friends, who are all discovering that “the change” can be quite disruptive in a multitude of ways. Barb is desperate to put the spice back in her marriage and is willing to go to surgical extremes to make it happen; Patty just wants to get married and start her “fantasy” life; and Kate, the group comedienne, prepares to send her only child off to college, while still managing to unwittingly entertain her three best friends.


However, Jill also has her own unique set of challenges to face as “life after fifty” commences. A stay-at-home mom who gave up her career to take care of her family, Jill must reenter the workforce for the first time in two decades when Empty Nest Syndrome strikes with a vengeance. Resolved to find a job where she can be her own boss, she comes up with the idea of being a chauffeur for senior citizens. Madcap events combined with senior moments test Jill’s patience with her new career choice. Not to mention her and her husband’s crazy families, who show up on her doorstep at will and seem determined to send poor Jill over the edge.


The only way Jill can hope to make it through her fiftieth year with any shred of sanity intact will be by leaning on her best friends. Together, they just might find a way to deal with life after thirty-nine. Read more –>